Our School and Family Development Worker is Louise Boag.

The School and Family Development Worker job is to Promote the outcomes identified in” Being a parent in Dundee Strategy”. This specifically addresses the outcomes within the strategy for children aged 0-12 years in the school cluster.


Services offered by The School and Family Development Worker:

  • Connecting families with services
  • Supporting Referrals eg CAMHS online portal, FORT, foodbanks etc.
  • Help with household items during the Cost of Living Crisis
  • Children's groups including - Young Carers, Team building and Lunch drop In group.
  • One to ones and groupwork.
  • Building positive relationships with families.
  • Coffee and chat sessions at the Stobswells Connect shop.
  • Organise and run holiday provision for the children.
  • Transition work at Morgan High School.
  • Children's clothing swap shop.
  • Attendance and Attendance Reviews.
  • Walking Bus.

If you are experiencing any problems or just require a little help and support please get in touch we will do everything we can to support you and your family.

Contact Details: Mob: 0793 026 0392